Web.com Web Hosting Review

Web.com Review

Web.com is another web hosting service that has all sorts of negative comments on the Internet spewing every bad remark you could say about a company and its customer service. As with any popular company, there's going to be satisfied and unsatisfied customers. You can't please everyone. You will never see comments from people who have had positive experiences with a company because they don't have the strong emotion behind their words. Consider their comments during your research process, but don't let their words sway you away from this company.

Web.com Hosting Package:

The monthly price is a little steep for what Web.com in their one and only web hosting package. Web.com give you unlimited web storage, bandwidth transfer, MySQL databases, hosted domains and FTP users, but beyond that, you have less than a handful of features left. Web.com supports only three programming languages (PHP 5, Perl 5, Python 2.4). For the price you have to pay each month, you would expect a lot of flexibility. That's just not there with this web hosting service.
However, we did like how there wasn’t much of a drop off in functionality from one web hosting plan to the other. The Linux web hosting plan lacks many of the developer tools available with the Windows plan as well as half the database features. Overall, both plans offer users with more than enough to make their websites successful.

Ease of Use:
Web.com's services are relatively easy to use. We had some problems with a few of their features though. When we consulted the support section on their website, we couldn't find any answers. We tried again with their customer support representatives and got nowhere.

Help & Support:
Web.com's bad reputation on the internet stems from their customer service. We tested Web.com’s customer service representatives and noticed that a few of the things the irate customers were saying were true. We experienced long wait times and difficulties in getting our problems solved. However, our final determination is that their customer service definitely needs improvement, but it's nowhere near as horrific as advertised.

Site Creation Tools:
Web.com offers an impressive amount of site building tools, but not all of them are as reliable as they would like you to think. Web.com’s Do-It-Yourself tool doesn’t allow you to design websites as easy as similar tools their competitors offer. This tool enables you to take advantage of this web hosting service’s point-and-click editing functionality. We didn’t like how the tool had a tendency of locking up and becoming unresponsive. We had no problems using this web hosting service’s professionally designed templates or implementing image libraries, guest books, contact forms, polls, maps and site search functionality on our websites.

Server Access:
You can add unlimited additional FTP accounts with Web.com. Web.com doesn't say anything about anonymous FTP being available though.

Marketing Tools:
For marketing tools, this web hosting service gives you vouchers for Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing in addition to a 60-day free trial membership on RatePoint.

Reporting and Statistics:
On Web.com, you can review your site stats, such as browser usage, page views, unique visits, visitors and more. Web.com doesn't offer much, such as if you can look at your log files or what statistical analysis program they use.

Web.com is a good, basic web hosting service. Web.com could offer more features to justify their price, but what they have is substantial. Don't let Web.com’s alleged bad reputation sway you away from this company. Check Web.com out and see if they're bad or not for yourself.

Web.com Specifications


  • 5000 MB web server space
  • 30 POP Email Accounts
  • 5 GB data transfer
  • 24-hour FTP/Control Panel Access
  • Web-based Control Panel
  • WebTrends - daily site statistics
  • Access to Log files
  • Firewall protection service

Email Features:

  • 30 POP Email Accounts
  • 300 (10 per account) E-mail Aliases
  • 30 E-mail Autoresponders
  • Virus and Spam Protection - CatchGuard!"
  • Web based Email

Supported Environments:

  • MS FrontPage extensions
  • CGI-bin directory
  • ASP.net
  • Classic ASP
  • WAP
  • ADO.net
  • PHP

Data Center:

  • Monthly server backup
  • Redundant power backup

Customer Support:

  • 24-hour Signature Support
  • 24/7 toll-free phone support


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