Web Hero Web Hosting Review

Web Hero Review

Web Hero reduces the prices of their hosting plans by 40% because of something they call a "Priority Support and Hosting Club Discount." This web hosting service says members of their hosting club get first priority when it comes to customer service. They also receive a 40% discount on all of the hosting products." You will find cryptic mentions of this so-called club on their website, but no information on what you need to do to join or how much it costs. How much a membership in this club and what each hosting plan with an unadjusted plan costs without this membership remains unclear.

Web Hero Hosting Package:

Web Hero splits its offerings into four concise hosting plans. The Basic Hosting plan gives you a bare bones assortment of features as a foundation to help you get started in the web hosting world. Their Linux and Windows Hosting plans have very few features to differentiate them from one another. The Windows Hosting plan doesn’t support WordPress, Drupal and Joomla; the Linux Hosting plan leaves access to their database and ASP support off their feature list. The Plesk Hosting plan splits into four even more basic plans.

Ease of Use:
Once you get past the debacle of figuring out what hosting plan best fits your needs and how much it costs, there's the matter of figuring out how to use what you just bought. We experienced no problems in this area whatsoever. As with any website that offers a stripped down set of features, the simplicity of their feature set makes their services easier to use. We had occasional issues with slow loading times for the web pages and control panel.

Help & Support:
Web Hero lets its users contact them via a phone number and mailing address. Their live chat support system allows you to get in touch with their representatives right away. Web Hero has a user forum, but it's seldom used and many of the posts in it have nothing to do with this web hosting service or its services.
Site Creation Tools:
Web Hero's easy-to-use site builder tool enables users of any level of web experience to design and publish their own professional website. This web hosting service also supports PHP, ASP, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla for anyone who wants to put a site together the old-fashioned way.

Server Access:
This web hosting service makes no mention of how to upload your website’s files to their servers.

Marketing Tools:
This web hosting service doesn’t list any marketing tools on their website. A small paragraph at the end of their features section hints at the possibility of additional features, but it fails to go into significant detail to prove the existence of marketing tools.

Reporting and Statistics:
We first thought that Web Hero didn’t include any reporting or statistics features with their hosting plans. After searching through Web Hero’s control panel, we found out this web hosting service supports Urchin Statistics, a powerful web analytic tool from Google. This tool crunched a long set of traffic numbers and generated complex graphs in moments. We couldn’t determine whether Web Hero lets you analysis your traffic data with downloadable raw log files though.

Web Hero provides a solid web hosting service for individuals and businesses of any size. They provide a variety of tools to create and maintain websites. For the beginner, they provide a site builder with a variety of templates for you to choose from, allowing you to create an elaborate site in minutes. If you lack the skills in building an ecommerce store, this web hosting service also provides a store-building tool to assist you. Their problems arise with their limited feature set and confusing pricing structure. A little more disclosure would go a long way towards improving their offerings.

Web Hero Specifications


  • Web-Based Control Panel
  • CGI-BIN Directory
  • FrontPage2003
  • Server Side Includes
  • PHP 4.3.1
  • Password Protected Dirs.
  • File Manager
  • Custom 404 Error pages


  • Free Marketing e-book and video
  • Search Engine Submission (free for 90 days)


  • POP 3 E-Mail Accounts 500
  • E-Mail Forwards 1000
  • Auto-Responders 1000
  • Web Mail


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