Lunarpages Web Hosting Review

Lunarpages Review

Lunarpages is yet another web hosting service that has a somewhat bad reputation on the Internet, but provides excellent web hosting options and is the victim of probability. Lunarpages are among the most popular web hosting services on the Internet; therefore, they have a large base of customers. You're not going to please everyone, so negative comments are bound to wind up making the rounds on the World Wide Web. As customers, we must independently analyze a company's services to determine whether or not they we should go with them. For the low price of $2.95, Lunarpages delivers with their Starter Plan.

Lunarpages Hosting Package:

Lunarpages pricing is the best we've found. Ecommerce hosting requires a SSL secure certificate, password-protected directories, some form of payment processing, and shopping cart software. Lunarpages charges extra for a SSL certificate, and works with Paymerica for credit card processing, also at added cost. Password protection is free, as is your choice of three shopping cart systems in Cube Cart, OS Commerce Cart, and Zen Cart. Lunarpages offers standard programming support with CGI, Perl, PHP, Python, and Server Side Includes (SSI). You can purchase JSP and ASP support if you need it.
Lunarpages supports FrontPage extensions, MySQL databases, Flash and Shockwave. You can stream audio with Real Audio/Video. Additional formats cost extra due to the need for a static IP address. This web hosting service gives you 5 POP3 and SMTP email accounts, along with webmail, email forwarding, catch-all emails and auto responders. This web hosting service also supports mailing lists and spam protection.

Ease of Use:
During the time we tested out Lunarpages, we didn't run into many things that we had a hard time figuring out. However, when we did have issues with some of their features, their help section and customer service were less than helpful in resolving them. These minor infractions were rare. As a whole, what Lunarpages has to offer is definitely user friendly.

Help & Support:
Lunarpages support is among the best around, offering toll-free, 24/7 phone support with a clearly posted support number on their site. Email support is also 24/7, and you can access video tutorials, post your problems/solutions in their forums, or browse their FAQ section and knowledgebase.

Site Creation Tools:
You can turn your website into a blog or add a guestbook or image gallery with Lunarpages. Outside of these features, this web hosting service has no site creation tools to speak of.

Server Access:
With the Starter Plan, you get access to only one FTP account with this web hosting service. However, if you upgrade to the Basic Hosting Plan, that number goes up to unlimited. Lunarpages also gives provides SSH access, but not .htaccess or anonymous FTP.

Marketing Tools:
Lunarpages offers vouchers for Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.
Reporting and Statistics:
Lunarpages includes something called "Online User Statistics" with every plan, but they don't explain exactly what that entails.

Lunarpages does everything and does it well - all for a very reasonable price. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, there's plenty of time to get your site up and running, and find out whether Lunarpages is a good fit for your needs. It's hard to find a better web hosting service that meets your needs as well as they do and charges very little every month. The price difference between the Starter Plan and the more elaborate plans is low, so you can move to a plan with more features when you outgrow the first one. As far as Lunarpages' bad reputation goes, it's undeserved.

Lunarpages Specifications

Starter hosting is the ideal choice for your blog, personal web site, and any small web-based projects you’re managing.
The Ideal Option for:
  • Blogs
  • Simple web sites
  • Small web projects
Unlimited Sub Domains
As many sub and parked domains as you want!
Technology You Can Use
Free set-up, 5 GB of storage, 50 GB bandwidth per month.
Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding
Includes 5 email accounts, web mail, spam protection, POP3, IMAP and SMTP support.
osCommerce, CubeCart and Zen Cart.
Maximize usability with extras and add-ons aligned with your specific needs.


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