JumpLine Web Hosting Review

JumpLine Review

Jumpline is a superb web hosting option, but it's not one for the budget conscious aspiring web entrepreneurs. Jumpline’s prices start at $7.95 per month (with a yearly agreement) and goes up to $39.95 per month. You have the option of using two different control panels (Parallels Plesk Panel and cPanel) and can switch from one to the other whenever you want. Each control panel comes with its own set of features, so this web hosting service forces you to determine whether you want more features with cPanel or enjoy what Parallels Plesk Panel has to offer. As an average user, having choice like this is a good position to be in.

JumpLine Hosting Package:

Determining what you want in a hosting package with this web hosting service is difficult because Jumpline offers eight different hosting packages for two types of control panels. Each one has a different set of feature from the other and the amount of features you get can change depending on what control panel you decide to use. If you want sheer bang for your buck, we recommend going with cPanel. There's not that much of a difference between Jumpline’s four web hosting plans. When you look at the Parallels Plesk Panel plans, you will see the Starter plan is rather limited and the features go up from there. More storage space and monthly bandwidth across the board would help all of the plans.

Ease of Use:
This web hosting service’s eight different plans make figuring out which one best suits you a difficult process. Once you start using the service however, it's a completely different story. Jumpline’s software couldn't be any easier to use. To top it all off, Jumpline has an excellent customer service section that's able to help you with whatever questions you might have in a timely manner.

Help & Support:
In Jumpline's customer support section, Jumpline says they provide quick start guides, a knowledgebase, forums, video tutorials, third-party documentation and a Billing FAQ. You can contact Jumpline using their toll-free phone number or by submitting a support ticket. According to Jumpline’s website, they have been averaging a response time of less than four hours during the past six months.

Site Creation Tools:
Jumpline allows you to put photo galleries on your website, but they don't offer a site builder tool. You have to get up to the Advanced Plan to take advantage of Jumpline’s ecommerce options.

Server Access:
With Jumpline’s Starter Plan, you can have eight additional FTP accounts attached to your account. Everything is secure and easy to use.

Marketing Tools:
We couldn't find anything in their web hosting plans in terms of marketing tools.
Reporting and Statistics:
With Jumpline, you can access log files and analyze web page statistics. Jumpline doesn't offer many specifics in this area.

There are a few reasons that you may want to go with Jumpline as your web hosting service. If you want the security and control benefits of a VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) solution, then this is the host for you. If you opt to stay with this web hosting service and grow into their larger plans, you can host multiple websites on one account provided they all fit within your data limits. On their highest plan, you can host an unlimited number of websites within your data limits. Jumpline also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

JumpLine Specifications

Shared Web Hosting
An easy, affordable way to get an online presence.
If you are in need of simple, easy-to-use hosting our Shared Web Hosting plans are the ideal solution for your blog or personal website. With a Jumpline Shared Web Hosting plan you have the option of selecting the control panel and features that work best for you. Each of our plans can be setup to use either Parallels® Plesk Panel 9 or cPanel 11 and are backed by our US-based technical support team 24/7/365.
Stacked Plan
  • 1 Account
  • 10 GB Storage Space
  • 100 GB Data Transfer/mo
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 10 FTP Accounts
  • 10 Virtual Accounts
  • 10 MySQL Databases
  • SSH Not Available
Layered Plan
  • 1 Account
  • 15 GB Storage Space
  • 150 GB Data Transfer/mo
  • 150 Email Accounts
  • 15 FTP Accounts
  • 15 Virtual Accounts
  • 15 MySQL Databases
  • SSH Available
Expanded Plan
  • 1 Account
  • 20 GB Storage Space
  • 200 GB Data Transfer/mo
  • 200 Email Accounts
  • 20 FTP Accounts
  • 20 Virtual Accounts
  • 20 MySQL Databases
  • SSH Available


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