IPower Web Hosting Review


IPOWER has a very affordable Starter Plan. When your website outgrows it, IPOWER’s Pro Plan doesn’t cost come with a significant additional monthly cost. The Pro Plan includes several additional features and removes the limits placed on others. The Pro Plus Plan costs more than the Pro Plan and Pro Plus Plan because it expands this web hosting service’s features and improves your website’s ecommerce capabilities.

IPower Hosting Package:

IPOWER's Starter Plan provides you with the tools to start your first website, but your website will outgrow it. IPOWER understands the potential for fast growth on the internet so this web hosting service created their Pro and Pro Plus plans. IPOWER’s Pro Plan will satisfy your needs for years to come unless you require advanced ecommerce features. IPOWER has just the thing for users running budding internet retail destinations. IPOWER’s Pro Plus plan comes with the Plus version of ShopSite, which raises your product limit from 15 to 50.

Ease of Use:
We experienced very few problems when we tested out IPOWER. We completed even the most complex functions with ease. Bugs popped up during our use of IPOWER’s service. After awhile, you find ways to operate the software without coming across these bugs, but you shouldn't have to do it. Companies should eliminate any bugs in their products before they decide to release them to the public. If any bugs pop up, they should get rid of them right away to ensure they won't affect any other customers. IPOWER knows about these bugs. This web hosting service fixed some and passed over others. This doesn't do good things for IPOWER’s ease of use.

Help & Support:
We had issues with the response time for IPOWER's customer service. We had questions about a few of the bugs that popped up in their programming and it took them several days to response. When IPOWER did in fact respond, this web hosting service left us more confused than ever. You will experience long holding times and hang-ups when you use their customer service options.

Site Creation Tools:
IPOWER doesn't offer any site creation tools. IPOWER supports CGI-BIN, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Server Side Includes and FrontPage extensions for those of you that have experience coding web pages. That's good for those of us who have advanced knowledge in website coding. For the rest of us, we will have to struggle through figuring out how to create website from scratch or go to a website that offers a simple site builder. Having one included in your website expands the amount of customers you could get.

Server Access:
This web hosting service has a solid, easy-to-use FTP tool. You might have a hard time figuring out the maximum amount of users it supports though.

Marketing Tools:
IPOWER provides the customary search engine vouchers and RatePoint membership. This web hosting service has something called SubmitNet, which optimizes your site and submits it to top search engines and directories. If you sign up for any of their web hosting plans, you will get a membership to SubmitNet free.

Reporting and Statistics:
For statistical analysis, IPOWER offers a graphical web statistic program (this web hosting service doesn’t say what program they use), access logs, CGI error logs and bandwidth usage reports.

Empower your site and tower over the competition with IPOWER. With IPOWER, even high traffic sites operate with almost 100% uptime, and with 250 GB of monthly transfer ability, your site will never bog down with too many users.
If you want to get rolling onto the Internet highway or would just like to change lanes, this web hosting service provides an accelerated, smooth ride.
IPOWER receives a bad rap throughout the Internet; however, this web hosting service doesn’t deserve any of the negative comments they receive. As in other pursuits, don't believe every negative comment out there. Take what your fellow users say into consideration, but don't use their venom as reason for staying away from their service. Look into it yourself and determine whether it's the right site for you based on your own judgment.

IPOWER Specifications


Who We Are
Founded in 2001, IPOWER has established itself as a leader in the web hosting industry, providing a comprehensive suite of online services for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Our custom control panel, vDeck, offers access to more than 200 tools and services, giving our customers the widest selection of web hosting applications available.
IPOWER has seen tremendous growth, at one point being named to the Inc. 500 list, fueled both by word of mouth and by a competitive affiliate program. More than 700,000 customers from more than 100 countries depend on us every day for speed, reliability, security and global reach.

Focusing on Our Customers

At IPOWER, our customers aren't faceless numbers. We know them; we listen to them; we implement changes based on their feedback. Our "Customer Experience" team conducts monthly surveys and focus groups to monitor customer satisfaction and find out how we can improve. We perform usability testing on our tools, with real customers, during the development process. And, in 2007, we migrated to a new hosting platform to ensure that our customers' websites and email are hosted in an environment that is as secure and reliable as possible.

Always Evolving
When a company becomes as successful as IPOWER, it's easy to become complacent. We don't let that happen. We're constantly looking for newer and better ways we can serve our customers. We leverage our position as a web hosting leader to forge strong partnerships with industry giants, such as Google, Yahoo!, WordPress, ShopSite and Constant Contact. In fact, we were one of the first hosts to integrate Google Webmaster Tools directly into our control panel, giving our customers unprecedented insight into how Google views sites.


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IPOWER's Starter Plan provides you with the tools to start your first website, but your website will outgrow it.. website hosting service provider

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