Hostway Web Hosting Review

Hostway Review

Hostway is an interesting web hosting service because its web hosting options are divided into different sections that come with their own price. You will have to pay a little more for Hostway's Windows hosting option, which costs anywhere between $17.95 and $71.95 per month. For the features, Hostway should be charging considerably less than this price. This web hosting service doesn't offer unlimited disk space even with their most expensive plan. One might say that nobody ever uses unlimited disk space, but it's a good option to have. It's difficult to have a limit on how big your website can grow. Other than this limitation, the rest of the offerings from Hostway are stellar.

Hostway Hosting Package:

In Hostway’s Starter Plan, you get 100 GB disk space (web space) and unlimited monthly traffic (monthly bandwidth) on a Windows platform. The monthly traffic stays the same with each of Hostway's plan while the disk space goes up in the more expensive plans by increments of 50 GB. The increases in price, which are $9 to $25, should lead to Hostway adding more features to their plans. You get additional benefits with Hostway's more expensive plans, but monthly traffic is the only thing that ever stays unlimited.

Ease of Use:
We had no problem figuring out the various features Hostway had to offer. With a little persistence, we were able to master what this web hosting service had to offer in a very short amount of time. Some areas of Hostway gave us minor difficulties, but this web hosting service was very easy to use as a whole. When we did encounter difficulties, this web hosting service’s customer service helped us out with no hesitation. Hostway quickly answered the small amount of questions we had.

Help & Support:
Hostway offers 24/7 phone and email support. When you go to Hostway's website, you will find dropdown menus for their FAQs section and tutorials. You can also find information on how you can get started with Hostway's service. Towards the bottom of Hostway's help center, you will find help for configuring and working with email, registering, using or transferring your domain name and working with your website. This web hosting service also has guides for specific products.

Site Creation Tools:
When you sign up for any plan with Hostway, you immediately get access to the personal basic plan for their site builder, but that's rather limited. This web hosting service also offers a personal advanced plan and business basic, plus and premier plans. You can get the business basic free, but the others cost anywhere between $4.95 and $14.95 in additional fees every month. You could also go with one of Hostway's ProSite Design Packages, which range between $599 and $1299. This web hosting service also has a one-time newsletter template creation option. However, it's just one time and doesn't account for when you will want to update your newsletter.

Server Access:
You can never get more than 25 FTP accounts with any hosting plan offered with Hostway. For the Starter plan, you get one FTP account, a 404-customization tool and one shell account. Missing from this feature set is the option for anonymous FTP and Cron Jobs. The 404-customization tool is a novelty feature. In the world of web design, you want to minimize the amount of 404 pages your users have to see. Customizing the ones that you do have isn't going to ease the hit your credibility just took.

Marketing Tools:
Hostway offers an ample set of marketing tools. This web hosting service offers a blogging tool, a Google AdWords Credit for anywhere between $25 and $100, an Ask Sponsoring Listing Ad Credit for anywhere between $50 and $200 and the option to submit your page to 10 of the highest trafficked web directories. All this web hosting service’s plans come with a podcasting tool. The starter plan doesn't have a pay per click advertising credit, but the more expensive plans entitle you to credits worth up to $150. Streaming media is optional in the bottom two plans and included in the top three. Hostway's premium search engine optimization services come with a fee, which cheap. This web hosting service has plans for $1499 and $2499. While these plans might seem like they're worth it, it's hard to justify their price tag.

Reporting and Statistics:
All you can get with the starter plan in terms of reporting and statistics is analog statistics. When you get into the higher plans, this option goes away, but you do get to enjoy the benefits of Urchin Analytics 5. In all plans, the option to use a referrer log is optional. It's hard to beat the features that are present in this area of this web hosting service’s offerings.

Hostway is a great web service that would be even better if it combined all of its various options into one cohesive package. As of right now, it's good, but combining everything and lowering the costs would go a long way.

Hostway Specifications

FlexCloud™ Sites
Perfect for Small Business Web Hosting
Tap into the power of cloud hosting for your small or medium-sized business. With Hostway's FlexCloud™ Sites, you can take advantage of state-of-the-art technology so your site traffic spreads across an entire cluster of servers seamlessly. You get the benefits of the cloud without a premium price tag.
Choose from our feature-packed Standard Plan or the Ecommerce Plan to support your web store. Both plans have unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and easy-to-use website building tool and much more.

With FlexCloud™ Sites you'll enjoy:
  • On-demand, automated CPU, memory, storage and bandwidth allocations
  • Peace of mind with server clustering—someone else's site won't affect your site's performance
  • Seamless software and security updates for optimal quality and control
  • Flexibility to grow with smooth scaling as your business changes
  • Automated load balancing, clustering and redundant storage—all the benefits of a dedicated server without the IT managing costs or headaches


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