HostRocket Web Hosting Review

HostRocket Review

It's nearly impossible to find a bad review for HostRocket out there. HostRocket provides solid web hosting features for a reasonable monthly fee. HostRocket's customer service gets solid reviews and they are reliable and proven.

HostRocket Hosting Package:

HostRocket’s web hosting plans focus on how long you want to use the service. HostRocket has monthly, six month, one year and two year plans. You would think HostRocket's Monthly Plan would cost the least, but the exact opposite reigns true. This web hosting service charges much less for its two year plan as incentive to keep you around much longer. As an added bonus, if you sign-up for one of the longer plans, you get three to six months free.
We liked how HostRocket included all their features with each of their plans. We didn’t like how HostRocket charges additional yearly and monthly fees for dedicated IP addresses, 128-bit SSL certificates, remote backup and domain registrations and transfers. HostRocket tacks their domain registration fee onto what you already pay for one of their plans.
HostRocket does offer many unlimited features though, including disk space, bandwidth, domains, POP3/IMAP email accounts and autoresponders.

Ease of Use:
Ease of use is an area where HostRocket suffered. HostRocket's customer service is excellent. HostRocket's tried their best to help us solve the problems we had with our services. However, we found there was a big learning curve in picking up how to use HostRocket's features than on any other site we reviewed.

Help & Support:
The customer service with HostRocket has its share of issues. Whenever we went to HostRocket's website, their live chat support button said “Offline now. Leave a message.” We left them several messages and it took them several days to respond to us. Their FAQs section had less than 50 entries in it and very few of them dealt with problems you could experience using this service.

Site Creation Tools:
This web hosting service offers site creation tools, but they're way out of the price range of most beginning aspiring web entrepreneurs. The lowest price you would have to pay this web hosting service to design your website is $350. It would be helpful if they gave users the option to create their own website rather than having to rely on the company to do the work for them.

Server Access:
This web hosting service allows you to create unlimited FTP accounts and is compatible with Cron Jobs, but they don't include .htaccess support and anonymous FTP in their package.

Marketing Tools:
We couldn’t find any marketing tools to speak of with this service. They placed far too much focus on packing their feature set with unlimited features that they forgot to include anything to help their users market their new websites. With all the add-on services they offer, you would think they would have a search engine optimization service in there somewhere.

Reporting and Statistics:
With this service, you can use AWStats and Webalizer to analyze your traffic. It's unclear whether you can access your log files.

Overall, HostRocket is a good web hosting service. This web hosting service serves as an affordable choice for webmasters who anticipate heavy or irregular bandwidth usage on their sites. We didn’t like the fact they charge extra for several features other web hosting services provide their users. The lack of marketing tools places the responsibility of marketing a website in the hands of the user. The user would benefit from this service much more if it gave to them tools to make it successful.

HostRocket Specifications

Personal & Business Web Hosting
The perfect solution for your personal or business website!
Hosting your personal or business website has never been easier - or cheaper! Get all the same great features, at an affordable price. Our RocketFreedom package allows you to host all of your personal or business websites under one account, with a generous 1,000+ GB of storage space, and unlimited bandwidth. Whether you are looking to host one personal site, or a dozen sites for your business, the RocketFreedom package is the perfect one-stop solution.

General Account Features
  • 99.5% Uptime Guarantee
  • cPanel
  • Money Back guarantee
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Free Site Backups via Cpanel
Email Features
  • Web-mail access
  • Integrated spam filtering
  • Unlimited POP3/IMAP E-mail accounts
  • Unlimited autoresponders, forwards, aliases, and mailing lists
Additional Features
  • Streaming audio/video capabilities
  • Free Perl module installations
  • URL redirection
  • Web-based file manager
  • Custom error pages
  • Server side includes
  • Hotlink protection
  • phpMyAdmin
Software support
  • PHP 5 with suPHP
  • MySQL 5
  • Perl 5
  • SSH access
  • CRON Abilities
  • Microsoft Expression Web Support
  • GD/ImageMagick
  • AwStats and Webalizer web statistics
Add On Services
  • Dedicated IP addresses- $2/mo
  • 128bit SSL certificates- $119/yr
  • Domain registrations- $20/yr
  • Domain transfers- $20
  • Remote Backup - $5/backup


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