Go Daddy Web Hosting Review

Go Daddy Review

If you have watched any television within the past five years, odds are you are familiar with Go Daddy. When it comes to web hosting services, you will have a hard time finding one that's more popular. This web hosting service’s competitors might offer bells and whistles they don't have, but they lack the exposure to compete with Go Daddy as far as popularity goes. Luckily, their service lives up to the hype. Go Daddy offers a variety of web hosting features, different packages and countless additional options, making them a great option for hosting a personal or small business website. They're a great web hosting service that is easy to setup and use and has competitive rates and valuable add-ons, helping it earn the TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award.

Go Daddy Hosting Package:

Go Daddy doesn't offer much in terms of storage space and monthly bandwidth with their Economy Plan. Most websites likely won't outgrow its 10 GB in storage space and 300 GB in monthly bandwidth. However, those numbers don't leave much room for ambitious pursuits. You have to purchase at least 3 months of this plan right out the gate, which is about the time it takes for a site to expand beyond the limitations this plan imposes on it. When you attempt to upgrade your options, you have the choice of the Deluxe or Unlimited plans. The Deluxe Plan offers much more as far as features go, but there are still limits when it comes to storage space and monthly bandwidth. Most users might not have any use for features that don't have any limits, but we see them as helpful.
When a website becomes more popular than the bandwidth Go Daddy provides, it often experiences extended periods of downtime. The Internet is unpredictable. Your website could be wallowing in the depths of internet obscurity one day and on the front page when someone enters a keyword attached to your website into Google the next. You never know what's going to happen.
You could always go with their Unlimited Plan, which offers unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth, but comes with a $14.99 per month price tag. Three features in this plan have limits for some reason: FTP users, number of email addresses and total email storage. Most users probably see the name "Unlimited Plan" and think all of the features with numbers attached are going to be unlimited, but that's not the case here. You could get a lot of mileage out of the Unlimited Plan. Unfortunately, the price tag puts it out of reach for most beginning website entrepreneurs.

Ease of Use:
You will find that the services Go Daddy has to offer are easy to use, but they require patience at times. For instance, expect long waiting times for requests (such as the installing applications or setting up databases) made on your hosting account. Many users might have an issue with this flaw because their visitors demand new and fresh content without having to wait for it. This wait time is understandable though. Go Daddy’s servers become overloaded every so often because of their overwhelming popularity. It's inevitable. Luckily, Go Daddy’s popularity has remained consistent over the years, which means they're a solid option in the web hosting world.

Help & Support:
This web hosting service has a variety of help and support options available, and they’re accessible all of the time. Their online support forums and FAQs section contain a wealth of knowledge for beginners and advanced users alike.
You can also contact Go Daddy’s customer service representatives on the phone or through email. This web hosting service is a large company with several thousand users, so personal help would be expectedly slower than other sites. However, this web hosting service’s support team is quick to respond, and the expected response time for emails has significantly decreased since our last review.
Site Creation Tools:
Go Daddy helps beginners easily set up their site and includes additional tools for advanced developers to work with. This web hosting service also offers a variety of professional site building services and designs for additional fees. Regardless, all of Go Daddy’s solutions support several programming languages. The plan we reviewed supports CGI (Python and Ruby), PHP, Perl, ASP, MySQL, ColdFusion and FrontPage extensions.
Most functions within the Account Management tool are similar to other control panels. In addition, with GoDaddy.com you can perform account management tasks, email management, web security, database setup and management, and manage statistic tools.

Server Access:
Go Daddy has a ceiling when it comes to how many different FTP accounts you can have. Even if you were to enter into the Unlimited Plan, you would still have to deal with the fact you can only have 50 different users with FTP accounts. Again, most websites aren't going to exceed 10 FTP accounts, let alone 50. However, most websites don't include FTP accounts. For example, a site with many different contributors, such as a blogging site, is going to run into a problem with this limit. This web hosting service could send their content to a supervisor of some kind, but that would overload the supervisor. Adding all of the users to the FTP would free up the supervisor's workload, allowing them to focus on other pressing matters.

Marketing Tools:
Go Daddy leaves marketing tools out of its web hosting plans. It does offer them in a different section of the website, which took a little investigating for us to find. This web hosting service’s rates are reasonable with the highest-level plan (Premium) costing about $2.77 per year. Sites who want to market their site through email are going to have to expand their efforts on their own once they hit their 5,000 emails per year limit. Go Daddy appears to occupy most of the price for the Deluxe and Premium plans. The problem with emails is you might end up with 5,000 people who look at your site once and then go on to the next one. You aren't going to turn everyone who goes to your website into a lifetime visitor. Everyone has different tastes and your website only caters to a special section of them. You have to cast your net much wider and wait for the one-timers to drop off, leaving you with the folks that are always going to come back for more.

Reporting and Statistics:
Every plan Go Daddy offers includes the option to look at site statistics and raw access logs. This web hosting service doesn't provide much information beyond that, such as what data analysis program they use and what you can do with the access logs.

Go Daddy is a worthy competitor in the web hosting industry. This web hosting service provides all the essentials and then some, complete with secure facilities. The setup process is straightforward, and this web hosting service has an option for all levels of management, from beginner to expert. Though not as complete as a couple of our other reviewed web hosting services, Go Daddy has what it takes, and is definitely a great option.

Go Daddy Specifications

Go Daddy Domains
Go Daddy has been offering the latest TLDs at the industry's lowest prices since 1997. Little wonder we're the world's premier domain name registrar (RegistrarSTATS.com). Because at Go Daddy, you can register a domain for up to 70% less than other registrars AND get hosting, an easy-to-use site-builder, personalized email account, blog/podcast tool, photo album and more - all absolutely FREE. We get you up and running on the Web for just the cost of your domain registration.

Site Builders
WebSite Tonight® has helped thousands of people build and launch their own websites with absolutely no technical skills. Just choose a professional layout from the dozens of themes available (restaurant, how-to, etc), then click and type right into the text boxes provided. Select photos and music with a couple of clicks, add widgets, plus a forum, guestbook and links to any online photo albums. Go Daddy also sells SmartSpace®, an instant site builder, as well as blog/podcast software and Internet photo hosting for anyone who'd like to share photos online. For those who don't wish to build their own websites, the Go Daddy Dream Design Team is available to create sleek, professional websites.

Web Hosting
According to Netcraft®, Go Daddy is the world's largest hostname provider. In addition to a range of reasonably-priced shared hosting plans, Go Daddy offers Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated servers. All plans come with a 99.9% uptime commitment, round-the-clock support and access to dozens of free downloadable applications through Go Daddy Hosting Connection®. All Go Daddy data centers feature integrated monitoring and fire systems, cutting-edge security technology and 24/7 onsite security staff. You can be sure any website hosted by us is monitored 24-hours-a-day by experts.

At Go Daddy, each email account comes with a truly one-of-a-kind address. Forget those strings of nonsensical letters and numbers you get with other email accounts - each Go Daddy email address has your domain name right in it. This makes it super easy for friends, customers and colleagues familiar with your domain name to remember your Go Daddy email address. All Go Daddy email accounts are fast, ultra-reliable and secure. They're protected from spam and viruses and they're advertising-free. You can access your Go Daddy email through your Web browser or popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook® and Outlook Express. You can even send SMS and text mail-right from your compose window! Choose from several email plans, with up to 10 email addresses.

Go Daddy offers a complete line of eCommerce and online marketing tools, all designed for the user with no knowledge of programming. Quick Shopping Cart® has everything you need to sell products online. Whether you use it as a stand-alone storefront or add it to an existing website, all you do is customize your product catalog, design your site and you're in business! Some companies require a monthly fee PLUS a percentage of the total transactions for a shopping cart but not Go Daddy. With Quick Shopping Cart®, you simply pay a monthly fee. The rest is all yours. Go Daddy customers may also order a professional logo, ad banners, a complete business identity and a website design from the experts on our Dream Design Team.

SSL Certificates
Secure Sockets Layer Certificates-or SSLs, as they're commonly called-encrypt sensitive data as it moves to and from your website. With an SSL on your site, information such as social security and credit card numbers can never be intercepted by an outside party, regardless of their intentions. SSL certificates are the single-most powerful means of reassuring wary Internet shoppers. When they see the distinctive padlock icon in the lower corner of their Web browser, visitors know that information flowing both to and from your site is protected. So there's no need to worry that someone will view the private information they provide to you. It's absolutely safe. Go Daddy offers a variety of SSL Certificates with up to 256-bit encryption-the highest level available. All Go Daddy SSLs come with a warranty and offer 99.9% browser recognition-many can be had in a matter of minutes. All for up to 70% less than the other SSL Certificates out there.

Resell domains and related services
Looking to start a home-based business or add to an existing one? Check out Wild West Domains®, a Go Daddy Group company. Open a Basic, Pro or Super Reseller plan with Wild West Domains and start selling a full suite of Go Daddy products. Domain names, Web hosting, site builders, email accounts, SSL Certificates, eCommerce tools - our reseller plans include over 50 products in all.


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