Fortunecity Web Hosting Review

Fortunecity Review

Fortunecity will get the job done, but it doesn't have nearly as many features as its competitors and has zero unique features. For hosting and email, you have the standard features you would find with any other web hosting service out there. Fortunecity have section called additional features on their features page, but it has features that would have their own categories with other web hosting services. When you get down to the free applications section, you will see that's where Fortunecity truly shines. Fortunecity offers 25 different free applications you can attach to your website.

Hosting Package:
Fortunecity’s Basic web hosting package gives you 10 GB of storage space and 300 GB of monthly bandwidth at $5.75 per month. You can only host one domain; however, it can have infinite subdomains. This package serves as a worthwhile option for websites in their beginning stages. When you outgrow it, you can move on to the Deluxe web hosting Package, which gives you a lot more space and number of domains you can host for $8.75 per month. When you need to move on yet again, you could go with the Ultra Package, but it costs almost twice as much per month as the Deluxe Package. You could almost justify it with the fact it would allow you to host unlimited domains.

Ease of Use:
Fortunecity has areas where it’s easy-to-use and areas where it’s painfully frustrating. You will go for days without having any problems designing and uploading your finished web pages. Other times the service slows down or hits other unexpected snags that will slow down the design process. While these incidences might seem annoying, they serve as nothing more than a blip on the radar. We found that Fortunecity usually had problems when one or more of the websites it hosted experienced an unexpectedly high level of traffic.

Help & Support:
We didn’t like the fact that Fortunecity requires you to pay for phone support and email support with shortened response times. The free email support has a response time of 24 hours while the paid email support will get back to you within 8 hours. Fortunecity also offer a detailed FAQ section and knowledgebase.

Site Creation Tools:
It's difficult to tell whether Fortunecity includes their site builder tool with their Basic Package, or if you have to pay an additional $5.75 per month. This web hosting service lists the same price on both pages and further analysis of the other sites on their page doesn't clear anything up. We came across few site builders that upstaged the one this service makes available to its users. We recommend using it with your website, if you decide to go with Fortunecity.

Server Access:
Fortunecity allows you to create up to 25 FTP logins (5 for the Basic Package and 25 for the Deluxe Package). When you get beyond 25, you can get 50 with the Ultra Package, but that's when things become a little less affordable.

Marketing Tools:
Fortunecity doesn’t seem to put much stock into marketing tools. We thoroughly searched through Fortunecity’s offerings and only came up with a $25 Google AdWords voucher.

Reporting and Statistics:
This web hosting service offers a statistical analysis tool, but they don't say which one. Fortunecity also never mentions if they allow you to look at your raw access logs.

We consider Fortunecity a solid web hosting service, but they would improve considerably if they added more features to their plans. Fortunecity has what you need, if you want a simplified and stripped down option. Fortunecity’s competitors have larger feature sets and more to offer if you find yourself needing more. Still, we enjoyed the time we spent testing out Fortunecity’s web hosting services and would recommend it for web hosting beginners.

Fortunecity Specifications

Fortunecity Overview

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