Easy CGI Web Hosting Review

Easy CGI Review

Easy CGI offers ample storage space, bandwidth, unlimited FTP accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains. They have made some recent upgrades that have improved their webhosting capabilities, including the availability of up to 500 POP3 email accounts with the basic service.
This web hosting service lacks some important features, which places it well under the top choices; however, this service’s most basic package has more than enough to get you started.

Hosting Package:
Easy CGI provides 500 POP3 email accounts that include email forwarding, aliasing, auto responders, webmail, SMTP, email catch-all and spam protection. They also offer unlimited domain aliasing with all of their service packages. This web hosting service supports password protected directories and you can benefit from a 24/7 system monitor.
This web hosting service supports PHP, Perl, Active Server Pages (ASP) and many other programming languages. They do not support FrontPage, Microsoft Index Server or FrontPage subwebs in the Basic Plan, but you can get this support in either the Intermediate or Advanced plans.
This web hosting service uses its own organized, easy to navigate control panel software. The control panel consists of 14 categories that include email, database, domain and FTP account management as well as access to help and support.
The Help and Support section provides complete, easy to understand tutorials covering every feature along with setup guides for configuring programs (such as Outlook Express), email instructions and CuteFTP.

Ease of Use:
The Easy CGI control panel comes with generic features. Compared to the other popular control panels, it's slow and clunky. It has almost no graphics, which makes it ugly to look at. However, it's still high functioning and you can get the hang of it in 15 minutes or less. They offer all of the traditional customer support options, which help make things easier because they have good people behind them.

Help & Support:
You can't go wrong with the customer service Easy CGI has to offer. They have email, telephone and live chat support. We recommend live chat support because it comes with less waiting time and you can ask multiple questions without feeling like the operator wants to move on to the next call. Their support page provides similar information to what we have seen on other web hosting sites. Upon further analysis, they present content that’s identical to what similar services have on their website. This detracts from the credibility they fostered by doing well with their contact methods.

Site Creation Tools:
This web hosting service does have a site builder tool, but that’s it in terms of their preset site creation capabilities. They support multiple programming languages, turning Easy CGI into the perfect option for anyone has experience coding websites. We would like to see them add more features to this area for those of us who have never heard of AJAX 1.0 or .NET Framework 3.5. The CM4all web site builder provides with each of this web hosting service’s plans can generate quality websites. We would just like to see them add more to this area to make the process of putting together websites much easier for less experienced users.

Server Access:
Easy CGI does allow you to create unlimited FTP accounts, but they don't offer Cron Jobs or Anonymous FTP. You will find these features handy if you have them, but their absence will not sense a site’s server access spiraling down the drain. Their FTP system might fail to outshine other FTP system; however, it should satisfy the transferring needs of most users.

Marketing Tools:
Easy CGI offers a mix of temporary and semi-permanent marketing tools. They include Google AdWords and Yahoo!/Bing Search credits with each of their plans along with a 60-day free membership to RatePoint. Once these options expire, this web hosting service leaves you with Google Webmaster Tools. While this feature has its benefits, it doesn’t provide users with a long-term solution for marketing their website.

Reporting and Statistics:
Easy CGI allows you to analyze your website’s traffic via downloadable raw log files or the statistical analysis program AWStats.

Easy CGI allows for add-ons and quick up grades if you should need extra storage or email accounts. We liked how each of Easy CGI’s plans came with every feature their web hosting service had to offer. Other services include fewer features with the cheaper plans as an incentive for users to upgrade to the more expensive plans. It’s good to see that Easy CGI wants to ensure everyone that signs up with them gets the most out of what they have to offer.

Easy CGI Specifications

Easy CGI Hosting Details:

EasyCGI's Advanced X plan is the perfect choice for Web sites that require substantial Web space and bandwidth. All common scripting and database platforms are fully supported. See below for a list of all the great features you'll receive with this low-cost plan.
  • Windows 2003/2008 Servers
  • IIS6/IIS7 Environment
  • 3,500 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 350 GB Disk Space
  • Control Panel
  • Spam and Virus Blocking
  • 500 POP3 Email Accounts
  • 50 MySQL Databases
  • ASP.NET 3.0/2.0/1.1 with AJAX 1.0
  • Support for ASP, Perl 5, PHP4/PHP5 and SSI
  • FrontPage Extensions (2003 servers only)
  • CM4All Web Site Builder
  • AWStats Site Statistics
  • Domain Privacy
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Setup Fee


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